Catano in Puerto Rico is a small town inhabited by some 35,000 people. But in an ordinary sunny day, hardly any children are seen playing in the streets, and many houses bear a deserted look.

The first private sector thermal power plant was commissioned recently in Colombo with the help of the government which added an additional 22.5 MW of power to Sri Lanka's national grid. Such efforts

THE controversy over the 1,000 megawatt Cogentrix power projecr in Mangalore, Karnataka, has come to an end with the Centre formally giving its approval to the project in principle and the

With a view to check pollution and discourage thermal power plants from using coal with high ash content, the Union ministry of environment and forests is preparing draft guidelines for a tax on fly

Newly flooded reservoirs, which store water for hydroelectric plants, sometimes generate large amounts of greenhouse gases, comparable to those produced by thermal power plants.

The Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station has managed to secure a World Bank loan of $400 million, but the allegations of environmental degradation levelled against it are mounting

For Singrauli residents, each new project has meant another displacement

Rajender Singh, chairperson and managing director of National Thermal Power Corp described to Down To Earth the way NTPC is tackling issues relating to environment and rehabilitation

Ash dumped by thermal power plants is contaminating Singrauli's drinking water

A survey of the impact of power generation on Singrauli residents and their environment flays the National Thermal Power Corp for inadequate resettlement measures