Land, Forestry and Rural Development Minister Celso Correia says Mozambique is losing more than 219,000 hectares of forest annually due to illegal logging, a reality that particularly affects the p

Brazil's environmental assets exchange BVRio on Tuesday launched an app that promises to help foreign traders and buyers of Brazilian timber make sure the product hasn't been illegally logged.

Fancy furniture comes at a much higher price than any sale tag may lead you to believe.

There have been 33 fires and cases of deforestation, illegal logging, and encroachment in Phu Quoc island this year involving an area of 278,628sq.m.

Publicly shaming areas that have high illegal deforestation rates has successfully reduced Amazon forest loss by 26 percent per years, according to a recent study.

Due to poor security and ongoing curfews, illegal logging and firewood collection are going unchecked, district forest officers from Bara, Parsa, Mahottari, Rautahat and Siraha say.

The Central Highlands province of Dak Nong has lost 26,000 hectares of forest in the last five years due to a management breach by state forestry companies that had been assigned by the government

Only from the air is it possible to make out the scale of three illegal logging roads which have been carved into Peru’s eastern Amazon, while local authorities in the jungle Ucayali region seeming

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Water and Wildlife (MoECCWW) has taken a firm stance to suspend the issuing of permits for felling trees across the country, with immediate effect, "unl

Police investigating suspected environmental scams swoop on state officials and businessmen in Amazon area known for woods used in furniture and decking