Democratic Republic of Congo's biggest logging companies are systematically violating national laws to plunder Congo's forests, undermining efforts to protect the world's second largest rainforest,

BHUBANESWAR: Timber smuggling is rampant in sal and teak-rich Baripada forest division. In the last three years, 205 smuggling cases have been reported from the division.

ISLAMABAD: Forests being cut in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir territory by the timber mafia will bring the looming water crisis in the region nearer, warned an official of the territory.

For decades, illegal loggers have been hacking away at the forests of Gilgit-Baltistan in northern Pakistan while facing few penalties.

Green cover shrinks as corrupt foresters join hands with timber mafia

There was no good news for Odisha in the latest national tiger population report released in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Chittagong Burau :Members of Bangladesh Coast Guard in a drive seized a truck with 600 cubic feet of timber from Balirhat area under Chandgaon thana early Saturday morning.

Covert GPS surveillance of timber trucks by Amazon campaigners has revealed how loggers are defeating attempts to halt deforestation in the world’s greatest rainforest.

Javier Gomez sucks the last morsels of meat from the leg bone of an agouti, a large Amazonian rodent, his creased face belying his 44 years. ‘We’re just happy to have the work,” he shrugs wearily.

A new research project led by the University of Melbourne aims to make Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) forestry industry financially sustainable and bring social and environmental benefits to the developi