Government to launch check dam project soon; will help raise underground water

Residents of Rishi Nagar area are running from pillar to post for getting tubewell installed in their area.

Inorganic soil arsenic (As) in three soils was fractionated adopting phosphorus fractionation schemes. Among these fractions, iron-bound arsenic (Fe-As) was found highest, followed by aluminium-bound arsenic (Al-As). The freely exchangeable arsenic was relatively small compared to the arsenic held by internal surfaces of soil aggregates. The arsenic fractions exhibited positive correlation with phosphorus content presumably due to the fact that high P in soil releases more arsenic from soil adsorption sites owing to the competition for the same adsorption sites.

This paper investigates the effect of drinking arsenic contaminated water on mental health. Drinking water with an unsafe arsenic level for a prolonged period can lead to arsenicosis and associated illness.

The authorities have been filling Karan Lake using tubewells for six months as the Rs 1-crore pipeline laid to provide water to the lake from the Chamarkhera canal has been damaged by farmers at se

Residents of Kharak Pandva village in Kalayat subdivision of this district are facing an acute shortage of drinking water as the canal-based water supply scheme has become almost defunct because th

Gurgaon: Midway through yet another excruciating summer, residents of Gurgaon's have come together to install a variety of rainwater harvesting systems in their respective standalone homes and priv

The scheme, called ‘Preserve and Use’, will restore 90 wells around the floodplain to extract the water.

While Punjab is increasingly increasing using canal water for drinking on account of high toxicity in the ground water, it will now pump out this water for irrigation purposes.

With mercury level rising, water scarcity is already being experienced in many parts of Narsinghpur block of Cuttack district. Water bodies are fast drying up.