Even uith the United Nations General Assembly Special Session to held in New Yorkjust two weeksfirom now, the Union minister for environment and forest, SAIFUDDiN SOZ, tells SUPRIYA AKERKAR that the government is neitherfor a glqbalforest convention no

The Indian delegation to the CSD has endorsed the alternative G-77 proposals and almost agreed to a legally binding global treaty on forests. The government's stand is reflected in a statement made

Is there a worldwide trend of sustained growth towards sustainable development?

IT'S a bit less than a conspiracy, a bit more than a fetish. Five international organisations have made forest conservation their overriding priority. The gigantic United Nations bureaucracy based in

JONATHAN LASH heads the Washington based World Resource Institute WRI and is the co chairperson of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development. Lash came to New Delhi in November 1994 to release The Second India Revisited, a WRI study exami

The involvement of non governmental organisations is essential for achieving sustainable development objectives

IT WAS absurd of Maurice Strong, secretary-general of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), to have billed last year's conference, popularly known as the Earth Summit, as "the

Even as the South continues to insist on Western nations fulfilling their Rio promise to increase aid, fund flows are decreasing.

25 Jun 2012

World leaders attending Rio+20 did nothing to tackle the interlinked crises of economy and ecology, says Sunita Narain after attending the second Earth Summit at Rio.

Zimbabwe's election as the head of an important un environment body has generated much controversy. Francis Nhema, the country's minister of environment and tourism was nominated by Africa to head