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Exim Bank's latest study titled 'Vanilla and its Potential in India" observed that with certain policy intervention by Government of India and with more and more private and public partnership, India can emerge as significant player in the global vanilla industry.

Vanilla is a climbing terrestrial orchid grown in warm humid tropics. It is the second most expensive flavouring spice after saffron. Vanilla planifolia is the commercially grown variety. Growing of vanilla beans is quite complicated and labour intensive and its processing is a slow process requiring skills.

The very high prices of vanilla over the past few years have stimulated interest in this small-holder crop. Naturally, this has led to an increase in plantings in the traditional supply areas and in new origins. However, the subsequent sharp fall in demand, and the simultaneous collapse of prices, from over $500/kg to under $50/kg, has left the sector in turmoil; euphoria

At its request, Spices Board was permitted to undertake development of vanilla and is engaged in this endeavour to add another item to the spice export basket. It has only few exclusive vanilla related programmes and they are supply of subsidized planting materials and on farm curing aids.

Having known the export potential of vanilla Spices Board during IX plan took up a programme to popularize the crop in Kerala and Karnataka. As a result by the end of the plan period about 320 hectares were brought under cultivation. The programme was extended with a targeted area of 5000 hectares for the X plan.

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Although there are 110 varieties of vanilla, only three varieties are grown on a commercial scale. These include Vanilla planifolia also known as the bourbon variety, Vanilla Tahitensis or the

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