Worldwide demand of phosphate fertilizer is met essentially

At the Jhamarkotra rock phosphate mines, the lowgrade Proterozoic rock phosphate containing 14

Many environmental problems arise from the deliberate or inadvertent abuse, misuse and over use of natural resources by human beings. In the past, changes were always slow, but this is no longer true. Industrial activities have drastically increased the pace at which changes in the environment are taking place.

With the steady development of technology processing secondary fibres during the last decades, the range of application for waste paper has widened considerably. Starting with partial replacement of mechanical pulp for newsprint, followed by total substitution, also high grade writing & printing as well as copy papers are considered to be made at least partially of recycled fibres.

For sustainability and growth of Indian paper industry, the technology has to be upgraded to adapt to Indian conditions in view of scale of paper production, raw material scenario and environmental concerns. Paper industry is looking at innovative ways and means to reduce the production cost, improve quality of the product, and improve ease of maintenance.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The biotech centre for development of biogas technology and other non-conventional energy sources will implement a project for converting wastes causing environmental pollution to fuel for automobiles.

Another risky landfill plan in Mumbai THE Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai plans to partially close down and modernize the Deonar dumping ground in the eastern suburb at a cost of Rs 5,000 crore, but environmentalists fear it may end up increasing the risks of land subsidence and pollutants leaching into the groundwater. The proposal is to slightly compact and cover

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ECOLOGICAL SANITATION: The urine collection and dilution tank, in the forefront and paddy harvest at Musiri in Tamil Nadu.

Human waste may invariably evoke strong and repulsive reactions.

For the first time ever, segregation and composting of daily waste commenced at the Sonsodo dumping yard on Thursday with technical expertise from Goa Foundation, with Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat promising all help and co-operation to the Civic body to tide over the situation.