Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) is a solid fuel prepared from non hazardous waste, meeting the classification and old fuel and specification requirements of CEN-TS15359. SRF is processed, homogenized and upgraded to a quality that can be traded amongst producers and users. (July-Sep 2007)

In India, Grasim (an Aditya Birla Group Company) has taken the initiative to burn waste as fuel in its kilns. The company has established waste handling facilities at two units, Grasim South Cement and Vikram Cement. The company has also installed a municipal solid waste processing plant. July-Sep 2007

What would waste management do without waste incineration? For without incineration, nothing would actually work in waste disposal today. Waste incineration forms the backbone of waste management in Germany and its importance will grow in a sustained material management oriented to resource efficiency. July-Sep 2007

Waste-to-energy as a placebo In her petition to the Supreme Court, Patel demanded a stay on the subsidy to wte plants and an independent review of such plants based on the experience in the

Should public health be sacrificed to waste? Garbage incineration is a trench war with clearly drawn battle lines. The Union ministry of urban development (moud) has been sceptical of wte. Social

This document contains the Report of the working group on new and renewable energy for XITH five year plan (2007-12) .

Trade clean air for green-house gases. What do you get? Pollution? Not necessarily. Money?

Urban India is likely to face a massive waste disposal problem in the coming years. Traditionally, the problem of waste has been seen simply as one of cleaning and disposing. But a closer look at the current and future scenarios reveals that waste needs to be treated holistically, recognising its natural resources roots as well as its health impacts.

Petition terming proximity to colony as eco-hazard submitted to Ramesh

Residents of Sukhdev Vihar in South Delhi are up in arms against a waste-to-energy plant coming up 150 metres away from the colony

Biotech, a Thiruvananthapuram-based institution, which is engaged in bio-waste management and non-conventional energy generation programmes, has acquired an innovative technology for generating diesel from plastic waste.

The technology developed in Austria is being promoted in India by the TVS Group.