Urban India is likely to face a massive waste disposal problem in the coming years. Traditionally, the problem of waste has been seen simply as one of cleaning and disposing. But a closer look at the current and future scenarios reveals that waste needs to be treated holistically, recognising its natural resources roots as well as its health impacts.

Petition terming proximity to colony as eco-hazard submitted to Ramesh

Residents of Sukhdev Vihar in South Delhi are up in arms against a waste-to-energy plant coming up 150 metres away from the colony

Biotech, a Thiruvananthapuram-based institution, which is engaged in bio-waste management and non-conventional energy generation programmes, has acquired an innovative technology for generating diesel from plastic waste.

The technology developed in Austria is being promoted in India by the TVS Group.

NEW DELHI: To address the issue of solid waste disposal in the least polluting fashion, the Delhi Cabinet has approved setting up of bio-gas production facilities that would use bio-degradable waste through the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre-developed Nisargruna technology.

A tiny Canadian startup company that is preparing to open a biodiesel plant in Toronto this spring says it will produce clean fuel, animal feed and human food all from the modest flax seed.

Privately held Energy Innovation Corp, which has also developed a way to produce biofuel from used coffee grounds, said its production process creates multiple revenue streams, but no waste.

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Reliance Venture Asset Management (RVAM), the venture capital arm of the Reliance ADA Group, is set to acquire a minority stake in AllGreen Energy Ltd.

The poultry industry in Haryana is set for a major makeover. A US-based company is setting up a Rs 65-crore project in Barwala, which is home to one of the largest poultry belts in the country, to generate power using hen droppings.

Where generating power from hen litter is concerned, Haryana is certainly going international.

Broken plastic buckets and piles of old polythene bags being converted into petrol

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal today said Punjab was aiming to generate 1000 MW power from agro-waste alone in the next five years by ensuring that not a single straw of agro waste was burnt.

Inaugurating an International Conference on Biomethanation-Upscaling, Challenges and Opportunities as a part of Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010 (DIREC) organised by M

A new chemical process may help unlock biofuels from trees and plant waste in a shift from using food crops such as sugar cane to generate fuel, scientists said Thursday.

They said they found an enzyme that helped break down chitin, a stiff material similar to woody cellulose that is found in the skeletons of crustaceans -- such as lobsters or crabs -- as well as insects.

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