tonnes of dead fish have been found near Turkey's Gulf of Izmit, located south of Istanbul. Scientists have no clue as to why the gulf has been filling up with dead fish. Izmit is one of

The Delhi high court has issued a showcause notice to six major hospitals of

Safdarjung Hospital s incinerator spells trouble for those living in its vicinity

A survey of hospitals in Delhi reveals the poor state of waste management

The Delhi high court has directed the city government to state the reason for closing a "refuse incinerator cum-power' plant. Responding to a public interest litigation ( pil ), the court also

Despite the deadline for hospitals to set up bio-medical waste disposal methods having expired, nothing has changed

PVCs come under scrutiny as the European Commission launches a debate on its use

After keeping it in the storehouse for 22 years, Pakistan's North West Frontier Province government is shipping 50 tonnes of obsolete pesticide to the United Kingdom for incineration. The countries

Burning household waste in containers may produce higher levels of dioxins and furans

Backyard burning releases more dioxins into the air than municipal incinerators