When pencils and paints lead to lower IQ

Children don t have a voice. They can t lobby or fight governments. The initiative lies with India s medical establishment and the civil society

Children are bearing the brunt of environmental degradation. Across the class divide, they are eating, drinking and breathing poison. And their special bodies make them most vulnerable to a host of diseases

with a ban on landfilling of combustible wastes, the Swedish municipalities are giving an impetus to biological processing of household waste. As a result, the capacity of such processing is

developed countries are routinely

protests against waste incineration

No breakthrough has been made in the dialogue between Bhutan's ministry of agriculture and the Indian authorities regarding the safe disposal of about 33 metric tonnes of hazardous chemical waste

One of the pioneers of the Extended Producers Responsibility EPR theory, Thomas Lindhqvist believes that plastic waste management will become increasingly expensive and EPR is the only logical solution. Excerpts of the inte

Hospital waste management suffers from poor understanding and even poorer implementation

Emissions from incinerators on the Thai resort islands of Phuket and Koh Samui are affecting human health, alleges Greenpeace, an international pressure group. The emission levels of toxic chemicals