ignoring the growing worldwide concern over waste-to-energy plants and incineration, the district administration in Karachi has tied up with a Malaysian firm to build a similar plant. The project

santiago sierra's artwork, currently showing at Lisson Gallery in London, can safely be called revolutionary. Exhibits consisting of rectangular solid blocks neatly organized on the gallery floor

Three rooms of London's Lisson Gallery are currently home to 21 blocks of recycled human waste.&nbsp I walk in between them, passing my fingers over the surface of one, round the corner of

The draft "Hazardous Materials Rules 2007' put up on the MoEF website in September this year for public comments has changed the definition of hazardous waste by replacing the word

The Maharashtra government wants to redevelop Dharavi, Mumbai s sprawling slum. But its plan has not taken into account the fact that people not only live but also work in this settlement, something they will not be able to do in the new Dharavi.

Norway's Bastoy Island prison has become the world's first

Mumbai is India's leading generator of e-waste, says the latest study by Toxics Link, an NGO dealing with toxic issues in India. The study Mumbai


Polybags out, system suspect

Waste can fuel savings in cement plants