Waste has become a global problem, and is demanding curative technologies that require almost preternatural efficiency to execute. And that keep collapsing nevertheless.

Beware of waste that can be recycled

A sewage treatment technology is now being used to recycle wastewater in urinals

With Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands insisting on high recycling targets, an agreement on waste packaging among European Community members seems a distant dream.

JAPANESE scientists have turned raw sewage into a a protein-rich creation that resembles beef in texture and hope to make it also taste and smell like beef. Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a member of the team,

Industries and local councils have had to come to the rescue of Germany's ambitious recycling programme, which is overwhelmed by a huge volume of waste.

The flooding of the market with recycled materials, coupled with the disinterest shown by small businesses, has created problems for Seattle's model recycling programme.

With government efforts proving inadequate, private organisations recycle the lion's share of urban waste in India.

The powers of local government in the UK derive from acts of Parliament -- not from the Constitution -- and can be amended to suit the wishes of the central government. The future of local

A unique fishing cooperative that salvaged the wetlands leased to them by the Calcutta Port Trust has successfully fought off attempts to repossess the land for building projects