Initially born as the good samaritan environmentalist's brainchild, recycling now smacks of a lot of hard cash

Japan's trashbins give it back half the paper it uses and reuses

Discarded plastic is being recycled into clothes

MANY industrialized countries regard their developing counterparts as dumpyards - destined receivers of hazardous by products and waste generated by their hi-tech lifestyle and consumerism. This

Tourism is dealing a body blow to the Maldivian government's waste management, as it leads to piling up of garbage every year. LTU, a Germah airline, has offered help in an innovative way. As

LAST week, Australians admitted to their interest in selling hazardous waste to India for recycling. It is telling that hazardous waste has been dumped in India before, often indiscriminately and

From barefoot ragpickers to rich kabariwallahs moving about in cars, the country's waste recycling industry caters to countless Indians.An attractive business proposition that most people choose to overlook, scrap Is even being imported now

There has been a spurt in the dernand for recycled paper

Waste recycling and optimal resource use is giving the Capital's prison a new purpose

ALTHOUGH most Bombayites have welcomed the monsoon clouds, scrap merchants, who are a vital link in the waste recycling process, are in a less buoyant mood: huge quantities of scrap deteriorate