Who is really behind our water problems?

The financial sustainability of water schemes has run aground; and, repairs and maintenance is abysmal

For every administrator, there is a lesson to be learnt from Gujarat s drought. Specially since this dry spell has been brought about more due to water mismanagement than an erratic monsoon

It is unfortunate that the conflicts arising over water issues are dealth with by force

The real issues of global water management took a backseat as crisis mongering and anti dam protests hijacked the Second World Water Forum at the Hague

It was a unique ceremony for a unique award given to a unique rural community of India. In what is perhaps the first ceremony of its kind, President K R Narayanan flew to Hamirpura, a village in Alwar district, to felicitate the village of Bhaonta Kolyala

... for reviving the Arvari river, for showing that a healthy ecology and good water management mean prosperity, for proving that drought is a myth

In Guraiya village , it's women empowerment all the way

Although Bhaonta Kolyala village walked away with the Down To Earth Joseph C John Award, the judges came across several such communities worthy of praise. The Guraiya Watershed Community in Madhya Pradesh, Krushak Charcha Mandal in Maharashtra and AJCB Br

A caste ridden society transforms the depleted forests into a green haven