The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has planned to launch environment projects in China that will focus on air pollution, water management and education. The cost of three projects has

in the recent months, water has become a major bone of contention between Israel and Jordan. Recently, a ceremony to inaugurate a peace park on the border between the two countries was

The demand for water and energy is likely to increase at a geometrical rate in the coming years. What are the policy options for a better management of these resources?

N K Sanghi , director, National Institute of Agriculture Extension and Management in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh , has been advocating a modified concept of watershed management that addresses the issue of equity. Sanghi, who spo

Chittor occupies a significant position in Rajasthan's history

Chittor's age old water harvesting systerns are looked at with disdain today

Ranthambhore has five large water bodies - Jangali talab, Suksagar talab, Kalasagar, Padmala talab and Renee haud. There is also one perennial spring known as Gupt Ganga. All the talabs have a

The desert city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is an excellent example of how Thoughtless processes of modernisation and urbanisation have destroyed an extraordinary water management system

Islands in the Bay of Bengal have to contend with increasing scarcity of fresh water

Chittor and Ranthambhore. Proud traditions of valour, chivalry and patriotism are complemented by one of common sense in the storage and use of water resource