Besides the communities who have done exemplary work in the field of environment, several individuals are making a difference in the lives of many people in various parts of India. Some of them, who were brought to Down To Earth's notice during the proces

A rural organisation breathes life into the listless people of Melaghar village

Delegates came and talked but failed to arrive at any conclusions at the World Water Forum

Delhi s government is considering three proposals for water harvesting

A village committee in Orissa improves the fate of its poverty stricken people with dedication and determination

Similipal region in Orissa faces the prospects of drought if steps are not taken to halt the flow of pollutants into perennial streams

If we were to build a water splurging society like the West, we would eventually run short of water

Mismanaging water can create a crisis and lead to panic. This is exactly what led to a water riot near Jamnagar in Gujarat

The people of several villages in Pune were a helpless lot, until Vilasrao B Salunke stepped in

Villages which have harvested rainwater are faring quite well in the face of drought