the barren lands in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh are slowly becoming green. Thanks to efforts by the women who have struggled to regenerate the region. "Three years ago not even a

A small water harvesting structure can produce amazing economic crossover effects. The same may not be true for large canals

Unless drastic steps are taken, West Asian countries will soon face severe water crisis

The 21st century in India will be more like the 15th, better managed and wealthier, with much less trappings of the Western state

The 5,462 km-long Yellow River, also known as 'China's sorrow', for its disastrous floods over the centuries, is drying up. The second largest river of the country, Hwang Ho has become the victim of

India's genius in catching rainwater lies in thousands of its invisible rural engineers who are today being edged out by the modern onslaught. In order to understand their pride and their plight, researchers of the Centre for Science and Environment CSE

green signal: The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has granted permission to Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited for launching anti-ulcer drug "Ranitidine' in the US. The company is expected to file

There is an urgent need for a national and international debate on how the world s water resources are going to be managed

the search for a post-colonial paradigm in areas ranging from economics to aesthetics and the struggle for a more just world economic and political order (less burdened with neo-colonial categories)