ONE of the major criticisms against large surface irrigation projects was the way the water was mismanaged, leading to conflict between head- and tail-end users, waterlogging and soil salinity. In

FOUR related phenomena threaten to increase the water crisis in the 21st century: a natural upper limit to the availability of fresh water; increasing population; pollution; and delay in completing

The New Delhi Municipal Committee (ndmc) proposes to set up its own gas-based power plant and water treatment plant at a cost of Rs 100 crore to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity and water

The growing problems in providing adequate drinking water to urban populations is a consequence of the lack of long-term planning and inefficient management of urban water usage.

RAJASTHAN Chief Minister Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and his cabinet are busy wooing Israeli expertise in, of all things, water management. The first entrant is Tahal Consulting Engineers Ltd, a Tel

Mahadapur goes green the 'group irrigation management' way

The newfound prosperity may slow the disappearance of the teak forests of Mahadapur

Planners in the ancient city of Dholavira had conceptualised an amazing system of drains, dams and tanks to manage water. To conserve every drop of water, they carefully considered everything, from site selection to extra strong city walls and even air du

Environmental management invariably raises complex and difficult issues. Economists usually tend to differ with environmentalists. While economists tend to look at the short-term, environmentalists

Simple techniques can make villages self sufficient in water supply.