The Bhils of Madhya Pradesh are armed with a simple, effective and practical system of irrigation to mend the ruin inflicted by the state's impractical and rudderless schemes

Water. A resource whose scarcity and inefficient allocation gives enough cause for concern. A concern which could find a solution in the concept of market-based allocation and tradeable water rights

THE people of Thailand are still reeling under the impact of the most devastating wet-season flooding in a decade, and they hold the government responsible for their suffering. It was the poor

"Forgive us, Aral. Please come back." These words written in chalk, on a ship sftKk in a sandy wasteland, which was once the bustling shore of the world"s fourth largest lake, the Aral Sea, tell a graphic tale of the human toll caused by am of the w

A significant research on traditional water conservation and drinking water system in the parched state of Rajasthan, prominent environmental researcher Anupam Mishra's book gives a detailed and

GLOBAL conflagarations of the next century might very well be over water, says a World Bank report presented at the 20th session of the International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies

For the optimum use of the nation's river waters, the Madras High Court - in, response to a petition filed by local advocate K S Radhakiishnan - has suggested that all rivers in India be

Women water users are determined to have their say in water management policymaking

The great new hope of Latin American businessmen is a 2,000 mile-long waterway called the Hidrovia. The project is likely to speed up shipping by straightening and deepening the Paraguay and Parana


A major water crisis seems to be brewing in Asia. Whether it is China, Australia, India or Vietnam the problem is universal as millions of people struggle with droughts or water shortages that have