Islands in the Bay of Bengal have to contend with increasing scarcity of fresh water

Chittor and Ranthambhore. Proud traditions of valour, chivalry and patriotism are complemented by one of common sense in the storage and use of water resource

KALYAN BANERJEE, director of the National Institute of Virology NIV in Pune, speaks to MAX MARTIN about the emergence and re emergence of viral diseases in India. Banerjee warns that the hantavirus, one of the most lethal killers discovered till date, m

Total water management envisaging supply, use and recycling of wastewater is what Akshyadhara is all about

Bihar, which uses a large amount of water from upstream Ganga, criticises the Indo Bangladesh water treaty apprehending adverse impact on its irrigation development

Parched and thirsty. A more gloo

This paper attempts to present the linkages between irrigated agriculture, human health and the environment based on a review of data available from Sri Lanka.


Dying Wisdom: Rise, Fall and Potential of India's Traditional Water Harvesting System provides a comprehensive overview of India's millennia-old traditions of water harvesting. This book triggered a nationwide interest in community-based water management.

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a new United Nations ( un ) agency, set up primarily to resolve conflicts of the sea, has taken shape. Inaugurated mid-October in Hamburg by the un secretary general, Boutros Boutros

The rediscovery of a traditional system of water management that involves the construction of embankments to harness rainwater, has revived agriculture and water supply in the Mewat region of eastern Rajasthan