Call it is one of the unknown Indian ironies. Over many years, the Indian state, through its public irrigation agencies, has systematically taken over the management of surface water systems. It has


The Amazon basin countries recently launched a new initiative to help the region's inhabitants manage water, forests and wildlife more efficiently. Water will be the focus area of the project,

A recent letter from a reader has disturbed me enormously. B P Radhakrishna, president of the Geological Society of India, in response to a story in Down To Earth about how drought was affecting

In Kenya, where sixty per cent of all agriculturists are small farmers with less than 5 hectares ha of land, Peter Saku is an interesting case. A marginal farmer of Kifurusha village in Kenya s Machakos district, he grows 11 different kinds of produce o

In the Water and Sanitation Project implemented by the Tamil Nadu government with assistance from the Danish International Development Assistance, the institutional foundation for providing water supplies lies within the framework of the Panchayati Raj sy

Jabalpur s shrinking lakes needs sincere planning and community participation

Bad cropping practices and ill planned water management leads to salted Australian farmland

The melting of Arctic permafrost could accelerate global warming. Scie

Better management systems hold the key to overcoming water scarcity