New Delhi: Delhiites woke up to a haze over the city on Tuesday, with southwesterly air currents carrying dust all the way from the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, and reducing visibil

Experts looking at global climate models say there’s a good chance that February and March too will see below normal temperatures.

Eleven potential bacterial probiotic isolates of Enterococcus, Bacillus and Lactobacillus spp. were examined

Water security is one of the most important ingredients of the human security as the agricultural and industrial sectors are heavily dependent on water.

During preliminary investigation of spiders in Milam Valley, Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, the authors documented a total of 86 species/morphospecies under 39 genus and 16 families. Spider fauna in the valley was rich and diverse.

The complex interaction of environmental stress, poor natural regeneration and insect pests have lead to forest decline in Himalayan sub-region. Amongst the insects, stem and wood boring beetles are capable of causing significant oak mortality. The paper reports the outcome of surveys on wood boring beetles carried out in moist temperate oak forests, mainly with Ban oak, Quercus leucotrichophora Camus, Moru oak, Q. dilatata Lindl and Q. semicarpifolia Smith in six sites in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India.

Hunting is the prime suspect in the global extinction of many species and is posing a major threat to populations of hundreds of species worldwide even in the absence of other forms of habitat destruction.This study was designed to investigate impact of wild ungulate offtakes on their populations in the forests in and around Chamba district of the Western Indian Himalaya.

Season’s Toll: 30 Dead, 233cr Property Damaged, Major Roads Hit

The Main Central Thrust (MCT) in Himalaya is seismically active in segments. In recent times, strain release within these active segments produce five spatial clusters (A to E; Figure 1). The seismicity within the cluster zones occurs in two depth bands; corresponding to the base of upper and lower crust. Depth sections across the clusters illustrate gently dipping subducted Indian Plate, overriding Tibetan Plate and compressed Sedimentary Wedge in between, with mid crustal ramping of MCT.

In engineering practice, simple methods are important for predicting runoff from watersheds particularly for flood forecasting and water balance calculations. In the present study, it is illustrated that the often-used SCS runoff curve-number approach in its most elementary form can be derived from assuming that only saturated areas contribute to direct runoff.