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Jan-Feb 1995 •Preparation for relocation and rehabilitation of the local people from proposed national park area in Kuno with their consent. •Translocation of captured nilgai, sambar

The concern over protecting the Asiatic lion relegated forestdwellers to secondary status in Gir

A nonchalant French government plans to throw open its virgin islands to tourists and game hunters

The introduction of the lion to the Kuno forests has been meticulously planned

A zoo in Gujarat has provided yeoman service in preserving the Asiatic lion

Van Gujjars in the Shivalik foothills vociferously claim managing authority of the Rajaji National Park

Conservationist groups in Zimbabwe are in a tizzy over the plans recently announced by the government for "getting rid of surplus elephants". Peter Mundy, chief ecologist of Zimbabwe's wildlife

Publishers worldwide need to be goaded to specialise in environmental publications, but the fair was piled high with coffee table glossies on wildlife and environment, some targeting children.

A critique of recent suggestions to hack tusks, horns and other poachers' delights to save endangered animals.

Lack of a scientific approach towards wildlife management is telling on Indian flora and fauna.