The Central Zoo Authority of India has adjudged Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park in Darjeeling as the best zoo in the country.

Caged Cruelty Animals have a right to freedom, even if they are in zoos. At an animal park in Java, investigators found an orang utan kept in a concrete cage with garbage inside. In Bali, a pig

An air conditioning system that uses constant subterranean temperatures can become an ecofriendly alternative to conventional systems

A division bench of the Supreme Court has directed the Central Zoo Authority to notify the apex court about the steps taken to preserve the tiger population in various zoos and reserve forests. "It

sakhi, the thirteen-month-old Bengal tigress of the Nehru Zoological Park ( nzp ) in Hyderabad was recently killed due to the careless attitude of the zoo authorities. Poachers intruded into

Skinning of animal creates a stink

with the mercury already soaring high, there are unusual customers for desert cooler. To kill the heat, desert coolers fans and exhaust fans will be installed in cages housing monkeys and exotic

There are more animals in the State Zoo than the authorities can manage

Alexis, last of the four cheetah's brought from Great Britain five years ago, died due to gross negligence in mid-January in the Delhi Zoo. This brings to focus the dismal state of veterinary