Small farmers, big change: scaling up impact in smallholder agriculture

To maximize the potential of agricultural scale up, NGOs need to act as facilitators of multi-stakeholder processes that establish new types of farmer organizations, alliances to influence policy and investment, new business models, and innovative ways of delivery market services. Small Farmers, Big Change will help NGOs to build their capacity to identify the most strategic pathways and leaders for change while working with small farmers as the key agents. The book includes very practical examples of achieving wider change in smallholder agriculture through influencing policy and investment decisions, linking smallholders into markets and value chains, and innovation in service provision for small farmers. The case studies outline what steps were taken to approach change inclusively, with a focus on managing risks, promoting equitable livelihoods and rural women’s economic leadership. The approach taken is a transparent one and includes information about challenges faced and what remains to be done in the future.