The Akhilesh government has landed itself in another controversy by issuing a directive to all district magistrates and chairpersons of the district road safety committees to impose a strict ban on

In a shocking disclosure, more than 50 districts in Uttar Pradesh, out of the total 75, have been found to be quake prone.

India has among the highest prevalence of stunting in the world, and represents 38 per cent of the global burden of chronic under-nutrition.

There is good news for dolphin lovers. From 600 in 2005, the number of Gangetic river dolphins in Uttar Pradesh has risen to 671, according to the latest dolphin census report.

The first biggest single census of the Gangetic river dolphins was held by the state forest department, WWF-India and 18 other NGOs and supported by HSBC. UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav who released the report at a function, said that the efforts to create awareness about the need to conserve Gangetic river dolphins was ‘praiseworthy.’

Those who have been using illegal power connections — popularly known as “katia” connection in the local parlance — will now get to see the writing on the wall. Almost, literally.

The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited will be writing the names of regular and honest consumers on the walls of their houses in black, thereby embarrassing the ones who use electricity without paying bills.

Three tigers have been found dead in the forests in the Terai region during the past three days, setting alarm bells ringing among wildlife enthusiasts.

The body of a tiger was recovered on Sunday from the Dudhwa National Park in Lakhimpur district and it is suspected that the big cat was probably poisoned to death by poachers. Two more tigers have been found dead in the forests of the neighbouring Pilibhit district. The first tiger was found dead on the May 24 in the Haripur range while the body of the second tiger was spotted barely 24 hours later, just 300 meters from the stream where the body of the first tiger was recovered.

Children used to feasting on burgers, chips, colas and instant noodles will now be in distress. The UP government has sent a letter to all schools — ICSE, CBSE as well as UP Board — to ban sale of junk food within their premises and outside it with immediate effect.

The letter has been issued on instructions received by the Union health and family planning ministry.