Various ministries are playing a role in tacking this problem and this makes it very difficult

With various agencies plan and prod one another over its cleaning, flowing Yamuna remains a dream.

If the National Green Tribunal’s pollution commissioners want to know where some of the 80,000 diesel-belching trucks that enter Delhi every night go, all they need to do is reach the heart of Sout

Nearly 5,000 trucks passing through one checkpoint in just five hours, state transport buses without any papers, no coordination among government departments, lack of staff, and no machines to chec

Trucks contribute more than 60 per cent of the pollutants spewed by diesel vehicles inside Delhi, and have created what is being labelled as “a third peak hour” in the night when an estimated 80,00

It’s nearing midnight, and a dense shroud of dust and smoke hangs over this checkpost 500m away from the Shahdara flyover in Delhi’s east.

It doesn’t get bigger than this, in size, scale and rigour — scientists from one of India’s top cancer institutes tracked 11,000 schoolchildren in Delhi for three years.

The way the graph moves tells the story of a public health disaster that has been allowed to happen: over the last 15 years, the fall and rise of the lethal, fine dust that clogs your lungs every d

Concerned with the increasing air pollution in the capital, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia admitted that the government would be taking some “unpopular decisions” in the future.

“Shocked” at the “irresponsible” attitude of the Railways, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) asked the Chairman of the Railway Board to be present at the next date of hearing after a senior officia