INADEQUATE access to sufficient food has been a persistent problem faced by humankind through the ages, so much so that famines and the calamities associated with them find mention in the

how does the brain function? What are memories? How does the brain perceive the difference between Bach and Anu Malik? How are the processes of sleep, dream, awareness, problem solving and

BORN in a small farming village on the island of Shikoku, Japan, Masanobu Fukuoka was trained as an inspector. Soon, he began questioning the accomplishments of modern civilisation. In

For centuries, humans have collected honey and put it to various uses, from a sweetener making alcohol

A WELL-KNOWN quasi-ecumenical argument against the existence of God is the existence of the mosquito: apart from being frustratingly acrobatic and musically demented, the little bugger serves no

The Ladakh Ecological Development Group is working to make the harsh life of Ladakhis easier through improved housing and easier methods of getting water

THE defining feature of modern, Western medical perception is the dominance of the laboratory -- it is the biomedical laboratory which determines whether you are 'sick' or 'healthy', it gives you the

I AM not a botanist and being a Bengali with a particular inclination for non-vegetarian food, I almost shared the sentiment, "Grasses are meant for cows." But reading Grass Evolution and

SCIENCE is a double-edged sword, as curative as a missionary and incomprehensibly barbaric in more or less equal measure. After decades of rampant scientism, there is now a perception that it is

MOTIVATED by the need for a holistic understanding of the impact of human activity on the earth's natural phenomena, scientists in the last decade have been studying the earth as an entire system,