The fogging drive carried out by the Delhi Government is ineffective against mosquitoes which are responsible for causing the dengue outbreak, according to the Centre for Science and Environment (C

The figures say it all. The Capital is currently facing its worst dengue season since 1996 with the city reporting 10,683 cases - Delhi: 9,058, outside: 1,625.

Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have warned that when suspended particulate matter (SPM) 2.5 increases in the atmosphere, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis aggravate i

Delhiites are in for a worse winter with the stifling air quality aggravating the condition of those with compromised lung function.

Why are Delhiites forced to pay with their health for truckers to use the city as a transit route? The CSE survey found that it is economical for truckers.

Trucks entering Delhi pollute the Capital’s air.

With densely-populated areas in the city, especially Punjabi Bagh and R.K.

Amidst spiking pollution levels and reeling under dengue cases, the city has something to cheer about. The Egyptian vulture – which had disappeared from the city – seemed to have made a come back.

Increased intake of food like cheese, food rich in trans fats, and late dinners are leading to increased abdominal obesity and increased waist-to-hip ratio, a major risk factor for heart diseases

Crisis deepens with Delhi recording 2,191 positive dengue cases this week.