A federal appeals court on Tuesday overturned a federal rule that laid out how much air pollution states would have to clean up to avoid incurring violations in downwind states.

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a finding by the Environmental Protection Agency that heat-trapping gases from industry and vehicles endanger public health, dealing a decisive blow to com

A federal proposal to ban the construction of coal-fired power plants that release all of their carbon dioxide into the atmosphere would seem to smooth the way for carbon capture, a budding technol

The United States does not need to explode nuclear weapons in order to be sure its aging arsenal is still potent, and its ability to detect weapons tests by others is good, according to a report re

A new map detailing all known geologic faults east of Denver was issued Tuesday by the government and a nonprofit electric research group, opening the way for nuclear power plants in the United Sta

American solar panel manufacturers won a round against China on Friday when the United States International Trade Commission reached a preliminary conclusion that they were being harmed by imports.

The Obama administration said Thursday that a series of new air pollution rules for power plants would not cause power shortages, although the expert panel designated by the government to ensure el

In a case of dueling studies, research commissioned by opponents of nuclear power indicates that electricity in New York State would remain reliable and reasonably priced if the Indian Point nuclea

After weathering the East Coast’s recent quake, the North Anna nuclear plant finds itself in a situation that no American reactor has ever faced before.

The main cause of the natural gas pipeline rupture in San Bruno, Calif., that killed eight people and burned three dozen houses last September was 54 years of bad management by the Pacific Gas &amp