This paper outlines India’s achievements in the area of food and nutrition security, and explores what lessons India has to offer to other South countries, and the institutions through which such knowledge sharing may be accomplished.

A new paper by Dr N C Saxena on how to improve production, access, and incomes from MFPs for forest dwellers.

This expert panel report on Vedanta's bauxite mining
project in Orissa submitted to MoEF on August 16, 2010 says that the
company must not given permission for this project as it has illegally
occupied forest land andwill also threaten survival of local tribes. <br>

Livelihood and the right to continue a way of life is as much a part of rehabilitation and resettlement as land or cash compensation

People's rights over forests are legally unassailable

Though programmes involving villagers in the regeneration of forest lands have been successful, caution should be exercised while bringing new areas under such programmes

civil society in India associates the World Bank with economic growth infrastructure, and fiscal stabilisation. This book to some extent confirms this perception. It argues that economic growth

THIS book provides a good overall perspective on the world's forests and the political economy of forest management. Authors with broad experience in many fields present diverse views on key