In this communication, we report observation of anomalous radon gas emission measured in a borehole at India’s first multi-parametric geophysical observatory (MPGO) located at Ghuttu, Garhwal Himalaya, established by the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WIHG), Dehradun.

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In the present study, the strong motion data of the 4 April 2011 western Nepal earthquake (M 5.7) recorded by a dense network of 24 strong motion accelerograph stations have been used to estimate horizontal and vertical component of the peak ground acceleration (PGA) to better understand its bearing on the seismic hazard scenario of the Central Himalayan region.

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This, the first systematic study, quantifies the health effects of air quality regulations in Delhi, which adopted radical measures to improve air quality, including, for example, the conversion of all commercial vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG), and the closure of polluting industries in residential areas from 2000 to 2002.

The Farakka Barrage Project on river Ganga, commissioned in the year 1975, mainly for diversion of 1135 cumec flow of water from river Ganga to river Hoogly through Bhagirathi, for the preservation of Kolkata Port. River Ganga due to its meandering nature is causing bank erosion problems not only in the vicinity of barrage but also in the reaches for upstream and downstream of the barrage.

The paper examines the spatial distribution of air pollution in response to recent air quality regulations in Delhi, India. Air pollution was monitored at 113 sites spread across Delhi and its surrounding areas from July