The hydrology of the Ganga River is mainly characterized by high monsoon rainfall and seasonal variability in discharge flow. The study is focuses on both the up and down-streams of Farakka barrage. It has been executed with the help of Modified Normalized Difference Water Index using Landsat satellite images (2014), satellite based discharge data and Gumbel’s flood frequency analysis. The study aims to analyse the impacts of seasonality, floods and the construction of Farakka barrage on hydrology of the Ganga River.

This is the twenty first Parliamentary Standing Committee report on 'Review of Ganga Flood Control Commission' presented in Lok Sabha on 20 February 2014.

Being a low laying deltaic country, the morphological changes of the coastal zones of Bangladesh become a major social, economic and environmental concern. In this study, images of Landsat satellite during 1989-2010 are analyzed to detect the variation of shoreline positions. The western-central coast has been divided into different segments and changes have been observed in the south face. Shoreline change rates have been analyzed for two period 1989-2000 and 2000-2010. Every segment has been facing more changes in the previous decade 1989-2000 as compared to the recent decade 2000-2010.

The Centre on Thursday ordered a probe into the circumstances leading to the collapse of two sluice gates of Farakka Barrage, which reportedly led to excess water flow to neighbouring Bangladesh.

The two sluice gates (numbers 13 and 16) of the Farakka barrage regulating the water supply from the barrage to Bangladesh have developed cracks.

Didi dam bursts on Delhi- Mamata says won’t go to Dhaka; finger at Centre’s attitude on Teesta; last-ditch salvage attempt on

Around 80,000 people living in Manikchak are in panic with rains bringing to halt anti-erosion work along a 4km stretch of the Ganga.

Heavy rain last night inundated low-lying areas in Malda district and increased water levels in many rivers.

People of Domhat in Manikchak have rued that the anti-erosion work started just one week back when the monsoon was about to set in.

Construction of embankments is a popular structural measure of flood control. However, when breaches occur, as in case of Kosi & Malda embankments, extensive damages and loss of life occur. The need for critically analyzing the exact causes has been highlighted in the article, to avert such catastrophe in future.

The most delectable hilsa, swore connoisseurs, were to be found in the rivers of Bangladesh. But silting and have changed that. They are moving towards the Ganga now. Read this special report by Down To Earth on hilsa's shifting homebase.

A number of hydel projects and other schemes diverting water in the Ganga