MANIKGANJ: The Padma River has devoured homesteads and cropland on a vast tract of land in Ramkrishnapur Union of Harirampur upazila in the district.

Hilsa catches from rivers are shrinking in spite of a rise in overall production, due to pollution and falling navigability.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will fund state-of-the-art riverbank protection measures in Bangladesh to prevent land erosion, which is destroying livelihoods costing the economy an estimated $25

The government will implement two separate projects for riverbank protection and strengthening climate resilience and disaster preparedness in eight coastal towns with credit support from the Asian

Climate change upsets life, livelihood alike; major rivers flowing below usual level

The river erosion will also render as many as 35 thousand people landless

The High Court on Sunday directed the government to stop sand mining from the river Padma at Charghat, Rajshahi immediately to protect its ecology from further damage.

The four major rivers — Jamuna, Ganges, Padma and Meghna — may grab around 3,700 hectares of land leaving 36,680 people landless and homeless this year.

Adverse impact of climate change has been posing a serious threat to indigenous fish species, particularly the small ones, as most of the water bodies are now dying in the region especially in its

: With continuous onrush of floodwater from upstream for more than a week, the Padma river has now become closer to its danger mark affecting around 6,000 people and devouring 273 dwelling houses i