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The increasing frequency and severity of disaster events — exacerbated by an accelerating climate crisis, environmental degradation and lagging risk governance systems — means that children and young people need immediate action to build resilience.In response, UNICEF and its partners are committed to integrating child-centred DRR (CCDRR) and cl

Climate change is increasing the destructive power of flooding from extreme rain and from rising seas and rivers. Many cities around the world are exposed. Strong winds during storms and hurricanes can drive coastal flooding through storm surge. As hurricanes and storms become more severe, surge height increases.

A new combined drought indicator (CDI) is proposed that integrates rainfall, soil moisture and vegetation dynamics. The performance of this indicator was evaluated against crop damage data from agricultural insurance schemes in five different areas in SW Sp

Despite the lack of robust empirical evidence, a growing number of media reports attempt to link climate change to the ongoing violent conflicts in Syria and other parts of the world, as well as to the migration crisis in Europe. Exploiting bilateral data on asylum seeking applications for 157 countries over the period 2006–2015, we assess the determinants of refugee flows using a gravity model which accounts for endogenous selection in order to examine the causal link between climate, conflict and forced migration.

To help untangle fact from speculation, Cornell climate scientists and their colleagues have developed a “robust null hypothesis” to assess the odds of a megadrought – one that lasts more than 30 y

Floods have left 73 families homeless, damaged over 1 000 homesteads countrywide, while lightning killed 10 people and injured 96, the Civil Protection Unit has indicated.

Staff from ActionAid International The Gambia and ActionAid Senegal have agreed to strengthen relationships in order to achieve stronger results in the second phase of the Agro Ecology and Resilien

Kathmandu, July 5: Minister for Finance Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has said that budget would be allocated in the budget programme of the fiscal year 2072/73 BS under a separate heading for the reconstruc

Two people have died and four are missing in the various landslides occurred at different places of Sankhuwasabha District as of Saturday.

Rains and hailstorms lashed the state of Rajasthan killing 12 people and damaging Rabi crops in the last 24 hours, officials said today.