The rainfed areas receive mean annual precipitation in range of 500-1500 mm with high degree of variability and are beset with problems of mid-season drought and associated impacts on the crop productivity. In this paper, analysis of weekly, monthly, annual rainfall and weekly rainfall probabilities in relation to crop productivity has been carried out for all the stations of the study area in West Bengal where rain-fed agriculture is predominant.

The CERES (Crop Estimation through Resource and Environment Synthesis)-rice model incorporated in DSSAT version 4.5 was calibrated for genetic coefficients of rice cultivars by conducting field experiments during the kharif season at Jorhat, Kalyani, Ranchi and Bhagalpur, the results of which were used to estimate the gap in rice yield.

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The  complexity  of  issues  involved  in  municipal  solid  waste  management  necessitates development  and  application  of  new  tools  capable  of  processing  data  inputs  of  varying formats, numerical models and expert opinions in multi objective decision making scenario.

The recent news items on the loss of stored grains in the godowns of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) created a huge uproar not only due to the wastage of grains but also because it was the time when the Government was planning the National Food Security Act amidst increasing inflation in the prices of edible commodities.

A World Bank-aided project on sodic land reclamation in Uttar Pradesh is being executed by U.P. Bhumi Sudhar Nigam, Lucknow, and Remote Sensing Applications Centre, U.P., Lucknow has the responsibility of sodic land mapping for the execution of land reclamation programme at the cadastral level.