The oil spill near Ennore Port will have a long-term impact on the marine eco-system, fear researchers. With January and Febru researchers.

It has always been an open secret, discussed and debated after the December floods last year.

Chennai: He is a concern those concerned with reducing man-animal conflicts in the state on the eve of International Tiger Day (July 29).

Chennai: Youngsters keen on making a fast buck are being attracted to the illegal wildlife trade, with over two-thirds of the wildlife crimes in the state in the last six months committed by youths

CHENNAI: For A Indrajith and his grandfather A Boopathy November 21 was a most memorable day, as they got a chance to record one of the rare migratory birds - a blue and white flycatcher (cyanotic

The ecologically sensitive estuary of the Adyar river, which naturalists had de spaired of saving, is coming back to life - step by laborious step.

No gun fire, no smoke, not even a swish of the net that is spread well before the unsuspecting victims land in a flock on lakebeds and floating hyacinth.

CHENNAI: From the ancient Chinese to kingdoms in ancient Europe, Africa, and Britain, otters have for more than a thousand years helped humans fish and been a source of wonder for their industry an

CHENNAI: Researchers examining elephant dung in the Nilgiris have found plastic, tetra packs and small cups made of thermocol in the poop, leading to concerns about enforcement of rules for visitor

Wildlife enthusiasts were jubilant when the results of the tiger survey were announced recently. Officially, big cat population in the country went up from 1,706 in 2010 to 2,226 in 2014.