The leasing out of a mining site around Krishanwati river in the Nangal Choudhary area may add to the woes of the mining authorities with residents of Nangal Kalia village opposing the likely felli

It is feared lakhs of trees in Nangal Choudhary will be cut following a government’s move to lease out sites spread over 25 villages around Krishnawati and Dohan rivers for gravel mining.

Illegal felling of large number of trees in the Krishnawati region has set alarm bells ringing for the Forest Department.

A joint team of the mining, forest and pollution control departments today conducted an inspection in Panchnota and Musnota villages of Mahendragarh and dismantled six mineral grinding units being

Illegal felling of a large numbers of trees in several villages under the Nangal Choudhary block near the Krishnavati river has come to the fore.

A report on groundwater has sounded the alarm bells for people of the district, as fluoride content in water has been found 22 times higher than the permissible limit in Narnaul, the district headq

Contrary to claims of the district authorities, the mining mafia has been carrying out its activities in the hillock of Musnota village under Nangal Choudhary region for more than 10 months.

The Haryana Pollution Control Board has sealed 12 stone-crushing units in the district for flouting pollution norms.

In all, 250 green kikar (acacia) plants were allegedly damaged by a private mining company in Dokhera village in Nangal Choudhary recently.

Farmers of this hamlet have started resisting the government’s move to acquire 56 acres of land to establish a grain market here.