BENGALURU: With H1N1 now being noticed with atypical symptoms across the country, doctors in Bengaluru give a word of caution to get tested for the flu if fever lasts long.

People wait for Swine flu checkup outside H1N1 flu ward at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Disease in Bengaluru.

Rain water harvesting

Doctors blame lack of human resource in rural areas, anaemia and late referrals
Mother and Child.

Don't ignore skin and eye irritation this festive season, doctors caution

Bangalore’s neighbour Ramanagara district has been a cause for perpetual concern as it continues to bear the brunt of mosquito menace, with the highest number of dengue and chikungunya cases coming

Rising pollution levels in the City over a period have led to an increase in the number of health ailments among citizens.

With the City facing an unusually sizzling summer, it has brought in its wake a spurt in the cases of chicken pox, especially among children.

As weather changes, maintain cleanliness, say doctors

The changing weather conditions and poor sewage management in the City have resulted in an increase in the number of children affected by lung diseases. Those below five years of age are the most susceptible ones, pediatricians say.

As if the City’s shameful traffic jams were not enough to worsen the living conditions, the ceaseless sounding of horn by motorists, especially near hospitals, has begun to badly affect the recover