Nearly 31,500 seedlings being planted near Kazhakuttam

The Social Forestry wing has commenced efforts to transform a portion of the Sainik School campus at Kazhakuttam into a green lung in the city.

Investigations by the sleuths of the Forest Department into the recent spate of cases of wildlife trafficking have revealed that the State capital is increasingly being seen as a hub of such illega

Eco-Stewardship, one of the latest schemes of the Forest Department to help preserve the environment with the participation of society, is in its preliminary stages of being implemented.

Apartment owners in the city are mulling over adopting a tough stand on the requirement to pay the consent fee being levied by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board (PCB) on an annual basis.

Allegation that boats seized are returned after a few days

A total area of 6,305 hectares identified for the project

At a time when the district is reeling under severe water crisis, the prime water source of over 30 families of a colony in Mundakayam has been contaminated by suspected poisoning by unidentified anti-social elements.

The confluence of two canals, Perithode and Manjalaruvy thode, has remained the sole drinking water supply source of Thonippara Colony for over 15 years. The water source has also been beneficial for over 200 families of Kannimala, the 15th ward of the Mundakayam grama panchayat, during the peak of summer.