A representation to President, The World Bank Group on its finding policy in the context of global warming.

This critical review of India's Integrated energy policy published by Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace focuses on electricity demand in the country & provides an action plan for a sustainable, people friendly & environment friendly power policy.

The choice before energy policymakers is stark - we can either choose a carefully thought-out strategy of responsible demand-side management and sustainable energy supply options, or allow things to drift by projecting an unlimited energy demand, and face all the associated serious consequences through the continued use of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

The generation plan prepared by CEA can be seen as crucial in the context of overall development of the power sector because the same is intended to be used by prospective generating companies, transmission utilities and transmission/ distribution licensees as reference document.

From Indian perspective the highlight of the recently concluded United Nations talks over climate change in South Africa is that very soon it will have to abide by a legally binding treaty to minimise its GHG emissions.

The proponents of nuclear power have been saying that it is cheap, green and can be a major part of the future energy policy.

The debate as to whether nuclear power is a safe, suitable and essential option for India has been going on for many decades.

The uncertainty associated with coal supply and it’s price have been reported regularly in recent weeks. The impact on our society of the large number of coal power plants being planned, built and operated in the country should be viewed in this context.

Global warming has been considered as the existential threat for the man kind. The global community has identified many responses to reduce the impact of global warming; effectively reducing the emissions from coal burning is a major step in this regard.

Whereas the whole world is extending its sympathy and support to the people in Japan who are devastated from the recent earth quake, the consequent Tsunami and nuclear emergency, there are also many lessons for poor countries like India with dense population.