MUMBAI: Four out of 10 HIV-positive newborns in the city could be missing out on timely treatment as their parents fail to return for a confirmatory diagnosis.

MUMBAI: While most civic health initiatives in the city focus on preventing a dengue outbreak, it is perhaps chikungunya that's more rampant, says a study.

The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found lead contamination in fresh batches of Nestlé India's Maggi noodles tested over the last two months.

The city may be fretting over a dengue outburst but malaria is not too far behind. This season it has claimed nine lives, which is one less from the year's official dengue casualty .

Diabetes-TB May Soon Be Most Dreaded Combo

Failed To Clean Breeding Spots On Premises

Over 60% of dengue cases this year have emerged from the affluent pockets of the city.

DEN-2, a virulent strain of dengue, has raised its ugly head in Mumbai and the virus can even prove lethal if it combines with any of the three other types.

Intermittent Rain To Blame, Say Doctors