Increasing extreme weather events globally necessitate the need for more adaptation. While the developing world engages in identifying and prioritizing adaptation needs owing to their greater vulnerability to climate impacts, the developed world has also come to terms with the need for adaptation.

Climate change is one of the most compelling global challenges, with a warming planet being a present-day reality rather than a potential future threat. India, like other developing countries, is also suffering the brunt of climate change.

The objective of the Global Stocktake laid out in Article 14 of the Paris Agreement is ‘ to take stock of the implementation of the Paris Agreement to assess the collective progress towards achieving the purpose of this Agreement and its long-term goals.’ The ‘purpose and long-term goals’ as mentioned in the Agreement are to address climate chan

Scientific evidence has established that climate change is accelerating the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like droughts, floods, unseasonal rainfall and extreme temperatures.