Alaskans can attest, energy in The Last Frontier is expensive.

Multinational company GE announced the launch of its new Digital Wind Farm on Tuesday, “a dynamic, connected, and adaptable wind energy ecosystem” intended to boost a wind farm’s energy production

Morocco’s ambitious Noor-Quarzazate project has received financial backing from the European Union.

Tasmania looks to fast-track take-up of electric vehicles to boost its credentials as a green manufacturing hub to replace old industries, and export clean energy to the mainland.

A recent report predicts sales of electric-drive commercial trucks and buses to expand and strengthen more than 805,000 from 2014 to 2023.

Solar energy will now be used to treat wastewater at a treatment facility in South Australia, after phase one of Australia’s first floating solar plant was launched recently in Jamestown, South Aus

Ask almost anyone about the main national priorities of the US, and you’ll probably hear “democracy” and “continuing economic growth.” You might also hear “security concerns,” especially since the

The Hawaiian legislature just passed a new bill to set a goal to get 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources in the state by 2045.

A new report from GlobalData has found that Germany is set to overtake the UK as global leader for annual offshore wind turbine installations this year, with an estimated 2,071 MW set to be added t

The European electric vehicle (EV) market is continuing to see strong growth, based on registrations during March — with roughly 18,000 units registered, blowing past the old monthly record (set in