The Kurnool Solar Park is touted as the world’s largest solar park with a 1,000 MW generation capacity.

India lost more than 57,000 sq km of jungles – an area larger than Himachal Pradesh - in forest fire in 2014, says India's first scientific estimation of forest fire losses.

In case of existing industrial units, the PCB is communicating to them to obtain ‘consent to operate’ from it and such status will be given only when the industry sets up a fully operational ETP.

Officials crack down on small-time transporters to give a semblance of ‘efficiency’.

Vijayawada has recorded an alarming depletion in groundwater resources, much to the dismay of the citizens.
Groundwater resources in the city used to be accessible at a depth of 25 feet

Analysis done using temporal satellite data over six different time periods concluded that the mangrove cover in state has been increased.

Barring the capital gains tax exemption for the capital area’s farmers, the Budget has not addressed any of the state’s issues.

Unhygienic conditions coupled with fluctuations in temperature are major reasons for the unusual breeding of mosquitoes.

Experts say claims by manufacturers hollow.

Doctors have people to be aware of the virus and have also recommended them to approach doctors in case of a sudden fever.