Bangladesh also has the highest number of urban people living below the poverty line – 21%, as opposed to 14% in India, 13 % in Pakistan, 5% in Sri Lanka and 15% in Nepal

The ecological balance as well as the haor’s nearby vast track of land and a flood protection dyke has been facing extinction due to the ongoing misdeed.

The government allocated around Tk774 crore in the budget for FY 2012-13 for different adaptation programmes being implemented by different ministries.

Vehicles cannot pass the town quickly as the road is narrow and there is no alternative way.

Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, a Singapore-based company, has shown interest in investing in the project to be implemented under public private partnership (PPP) programme

Toxic wastes from a used oil recycling factory in BSCIC Shilpa Nagari (industrial area) in Habiganj is polluting the environment and harming croplands surrounding the factory despite recurring prot

Ketoprofen, a substitute for diclofenac which is also lethal for vultures, was found in 40% of the sampled drug stores

A total of 59 saw mills are running in the upazila.

The Red List estimates the risk of extinction of a certain species which will help to set conservation plans and priority

According to sources, several sand and soil exporters had already submitted their proposals to the Commerce Ministry for permission to export sand to Singapore and Maldives