Global innovators Tesla and Google have announced plans to accelerate the growth of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) by launching new schemes aimed at increasing the infrastructure options availa

Unilever has today (9 February) revealed that more than 600 of its sites across 70 countries have achieved zero waste to landfill status, after the company identified alternate routes for non-hazar

The newly-formed Global Innovation Fund (GIF) has announced its first tranche of investments in London today (9 February), with £3m being allocated to eight social innovation projects in the develo

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will invest £36m over the next three years in renewable energy, energy efficiency and process improvements, according to the British carmaker's latest sustainability report.

A report released on Monday by environmental consultancy Eunomia found that the UK’s storage capacity - currently around 24MW - will accelerate in 2017 and then 'increase exponentially' to more tha

Green groups, opposition parties and renewable energy industry bodies have unanimously called on the Scottish Government to embrace 'demand response' energy efficiency measures in favour of buildin

More than 60 environmentalist organisations are calling for a tax on fossil fuel extraction that would see energy giants pay compensation to countries being impacted by climate change.

Global car manufacturers General Motors has announced that all of its Vauxhall facilities across Europe are 100% landfill free, with the facilities either recycling, reusing or creating energy from

The European wide 2030 renewables target will not be delivered unless cross-border market mechanisms and continuous monitoring are introduced, a new report from the House of Lords EU Committee has

A power plant in the French Alps is using leftover waste from nearby cheese production facilities to generate enough electricity to power 1,500 households in the surrounding area.