This report reveals how heat stress disproportionately affects specific regions, racial groups, and economic sectors across the United States, providing policymakers and investors with new, quantitative evidence on the economic and human dimensions of the challenge.

This new report issued jointly by the Atlantic Council and the Stimson Center argues that the environmental security field has yet to incorporate global urbanization, the twenty-first century’s central demographic trend, fully into its purview.

This brief provides an overview of water security issues in Pakistan, the impact of the Indus Water Treaty on India-Pakistan relations, and provides recommendations on internal water management in Pakistan. The report also highlights how Pakistan and India can work together to address domestic water shortages in each country.

This brief describes how India’s internal dynamics, such as the country's growing population as well as increasing agricultural and industrial demands, have affected India’s water supplies. It concludes with recommendations for reform in India’s domestic policy and strengthening India’s transnational initiatives on water management.

India and the United States have tremendous opportunity for cooperation in the domain of clean technologies to ensure sustainable energy security for both countries. A joint report by the Atlantic Council and CII, suggests that expanding cooperation will be essential to overcoming energy shortages in the coming decades.