The National Mineral Exploration policy (NMEP) can provide an impetus to exploration and generate a continuous flow of mineral blocks to be auctioned, according to an EY report titled' Indian minerals exploration - play to win.' With only 10% of the 8 lakh sq.

Power generation from renewable sources is on the rise in India, with the share of renewable energy in the country’s total energy mix rising from 7.8% in FY08 to 12.3% in FY13.

The proposed hike in royalty across major minerals, including iron ore, is likely to burden the industry as well as result in the rise of cost of production per tonne of steel. A panel formed to review mining royalties has recommended that iron ore royalty rates should be raised to 15 per cent from 10 per cent.

This study examines the four options being considered by the European Commission for dealing with indirect land use change (ILUC) arising from the use of biofuels under the Renewable Energy Directive. An alternative approach is developed that would encourage producers and growers to undertake practices that mitigate ILUC.